GALAXY ENERGYTM LOVE Drink is a natural energy drink that can provide you with the same level of energy as the GALAXY ENERGYTM drink without the caffeine.

GALAXY ENERGYTM LOVE DRINK utilizes a blend of unique extracts such as ginseng, elderberry and schisandra to help deliver the energy you seek.
Only the highest quality of ingredients are used in the production of GALAXY ENERGYTM products.

GALAXY ENERGYTM LOVE Drink was crafted to be consumed by anyone that seeks to replenish their energy. GALAXY ENERGYTM Love drink was crafted from natural ingredients to provide the same amount of boost as the GALAXY ENERGYTM drink without the use of caffeine.

GALAXY ENERGYTM LOVE Drink was brewed using special ingredients such ginseng, elderberry and schisandra extracts to give the drink its unique characteristic and the delicious taste is enhanced by the fruit extracts.

Galaxy Love drink


is a root plant that can be found both in East Asia and the Americas.
Ginseng root has been accredited with a lot of benefits such as increased energy levels, reducing of stress, and the promoting of relaxation.


is listed under the CNC Handbook of Medicinal Herbs.
Elderberries have been found to help increase the recovery period of Cold and Flu patients.
These berries are known to also promote the boosting of the immune system and can help with weight loss.*


Schisandra* is also known as the Ultimate Superberry.
Schisandra has been seen to increase mental performance by improving concentration, attention, and speed of thinking.
Other reported benefits of Schisandra include:
Resistance to stress,increasing of energy levels,increasing physical performance and endurance,stimulation of the Immune System, and even increasing lifespan,

Nutrition Facts
Amount / Serving
100 ML
223KJ (54kcal)
11.5 g
11.5 g
0 g
Amount / Serving
100 ML
0.09 g
0 g
0 g
0 g

*GALAXY ENERGYTM Love Drink is not safe to be taken by pregnant women or women breast feeding small children. Please consult with a medical professional for assistance if you have questions regarding GALAXY ENERGYTM products being right for you. Don’t exceed the daily recommended amount. Please note that the claims and statistics enclosed within this Website, are not the result of independently verified or conducted tests and have been referenced from other studies conducted by researches and other manufacturers of similar products. We make no claims or statements as to the impact, benefits or effects of consuming Galaxy Energy products. Please drinks responsibly.