About Us

The GALAXY ENERGYTM drink was designed in Zurich, Switzerland. The products created in Switzerland have the prestige and enigma of being one of a kind and outstanding in many individual categories. GALAXY ENERGYTM rose to this challenge and created the GALAXY ENERGYTM products. These drinks were born in our laboratories in Zurich and were brewed to surpass the Swiss quality that is known worldwide.


Our Mission is to be your partner in the journey you take, and we want to accompany you in those adventures and give you the extra boost needed to achieve your goals. Galaxy is dedicated to delivering high quality products, and to make this mission come true all of our products are manufactured in a state of art facility in Italy that utilizes fully automated machinery in its manufacturing process.

Our products were created in the in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland and crafted in Italy

    GALAXY ENERGYTM drink contains caffeine and guarana extract to deliver energy and cognitive benefits you may need. Caramel extract is used to give GALAXY ENERGYTM drink its unique taste.


    If you are interested in joining the GALAXY ENERGYTM team and learning more about our company please proceed to the Corporation page.